Relax Your Ears

(c) (p) 2009 A-Sharp Records

When the outside world is in chaos
And the hectic feeling captures you
Relax your mind
And find tranquility within

What a beautiful combination – gentle acoustic guitar and thrilling cello. Joel Styzens with Katinka Kleijn bring a state of peace and tranquility by their delicate music. The artists lead the listener very carefully over the aerial harmonies of the album’s “Relax Your Ears” compositions.

The music of this album is very diverse. Overall, it sounds very calm and soothing. But sometimes the guitar in the hands of Joel Styzens suddenly bursts in order to wake up the listener’s mind and then to soothe it again. Katinka Kleijn’s cello along with some additional instruments by guest artists very artfully emphasize Joel Styzen’s piercing acoustic guitar. I’d like to point out the elegant saxophone parts of Casey Fitzpatrick on the composition “Take Anything”.

Joel Styzens is a true master of sound. His “Relax Your Ears” is a highly artistic work. This album contains many smallest nuances and it needs to be listened to very attentively. And then Joel Styzen’s project gives you not only a state of relaxation, but a lot of moments of delight and pure listening pleasure.

Serge Kozlovsky

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